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MAR 27, 2014

Tasca Surges to Top of Bracket Challenge


Our Ford Racing drivers are competitive by nature, both on and off the track.

So some of them decided to turn in the steering wheel for chalk, and try their hand at sorting out the insanity that is the NCAA men's basketball tournament.

Greg Biffle, Ricky Stenhouse Jr., Joey Logano, Marcos Ambrose, Aric Almirola, David Ragan, David Gilliland, Dakoda Armstrong, Robert Hight, Bob Tasca III, Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Scott Pruett all took their shot, and now we'll see who knows their hoops.

We'll keep score, and see which of our wheelmen have a second career on the horizon. Bob Tasca III leads after the first week with 46 points, ahead of Joey Logano's 44 and Vaughn Gittin Jr.'s 43.

We'll reveal them a weekend at a time, so check back each week to see how some of your favorite Ford drivers fared.

At this point, it's all about your Final Four. Aric has three of his still in the running, along with six of his Elite 8. Kentucky ruined his chances in the Midwest. 

Marcos is looking good with all four Final Four teams still in the hunt and 6 of 8 Elite 8. In a year filled with upsets, can three 1s reach the semifinals? Marcos hopes so. 

Dakoda took a hit with that Duke upset, and is now down to just two Final Four squads. He's pulling for the BIG 10 hard, as Wisconsin and Michigan State are all he has left. 

The Biff is in a good place, having all four of his semifinalists still alive, and 6 of 8 regional finalists. His big surprise comes in the form of Iowa State.

Chris is blank in the Midwest, but we're certain he's not the only one in the country with that problem. Despite only having four of his Elite 8 alive, he's in reasonable shape with three Final Four teams remaining. 

The General stuck to his nature, and went bold. Unfortunately, it has left him with a lot of red. 

David is gearing up for a big run, as he has six of his 8 and all four semifinalists alive and well. Did he go Michigan/Michigan State in the final? You'll have to wait and see!

Vaughn has one of the strongest brackets remaining, with 7 of 8 and all four regional champs still in the mix. He's loving the BIG 10, with three of his regional champs calling the conference home. 

Robert has seen his strong start fade, and is now closed out in the East and only one pick alive in the Midwest. Four of eight and two of four remain for the John Force Racing star. 

Logano took a beating on his regional semifinal squads, but so far has managed to keep his Final Four in tact. Five of his eight are in the hunt so far. 

Scott's bracket is quite healthy, with all Four regional champs alive, and 6 of 8 semifinalists. Unlike several others, he has just one BIG 10 team in his national semifinals, taking Louisville to knock off Michigan. 

David is pretty well closed out in the Midwest, but still has a shot in the other three regions. 

With more of his bracket revealed, you can see the Syracuse, Duke and North Carolina upsets really hurt Ricky. He does still have three regional champs alive though. 

Our leader after week one is in pretty good shape. Bob has all four regional champs alive, and 6 of 8 regional semifinalists in play. He went double-upset in the East, taking both the Spartans and Cyclones, and feels like Baylor will knock off Wisconsin.